Positive rap artist and songwriter, DPB, (who was once a member of D.O.C. {Disciples Of Christ}), acclaimed for his uplifting music and anti-bullying advocacy, is premiering his new music video, “I Feel So Good Today (Happy Mix)” today at 7pm ET on Youtube. This particular video illustrates a bullying situation between two students at school and provides an example of the proper way to handle such a situation.

Watch the premiere at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxGS6ulf2_Q

Produced by DPB Muzik Inc. in association with DOB Interactive LLC, the music video features the new anti-bullying dance, ‘THE HAPPY DANCE.’ The video stars DPB as himself and Brent Beck as Principal Beck, with animation and effects by Ouiwey Collins.

It’s part of the new movement “Share Some Love Give Someone a Hug” to spread positivity and teach individuals how to tackle bullying. Various stop bullying resources are also mentioned in the video including https://www.stopbullying.gov and https://www.pacer.org/bullying/info/

“I Feel So Good Today (Happy Mix)” is a vibrant anthem designed to spread happiness and encourage listeners to embrace positivity in their lives. The song is a tribute to DPB’s commitment to spreading joy and positivity through his music.

DPB, also known as David Paul Brooks, is a multifaceted artist known for sharing uplifting messages through his music. Having shared the stage with artists like Bootsy Collins, Salt ‘n Pepa, and Kirk Franklin, his music serves as a beacon of hope amid negativity.

Apart from his music career, DPB is actively involved in community outreach. He has developed programs for schools addressing pivotal issues such as peer pressure and bullying, and he continues to impact lives through his music and message.

For more information about DPB and his music, visit his official website at https://worldofdpb.com.

Disciple has released the video for the pop-rock track Promise To Live from the album Skeleton Psalms, which spent a half year in current rotation on The Blast and is still in current rotation on The Blast Blender:




Skillet has “reimagined” their song Save Me.  It’s an EDM remix, right?!  Nope.  It’s pop.   In fact, this could make it on to Christian Adult Contemporary radio, even.  We’ll keep Blending the rock version.  Have a listen here:

The video for “Let Me In” by The Blast Blender band Switch debuts later today.  Check it out here:


Kingdom Come Festival IS going to happen in 2020.  Due to Indiana’s current Covid-19 restrictions, the festival cannot happen on the originally scheduled dates in June.   A new set of dates has been worked out with the venue and the bands, and it is Friday and Saturday, July 10 and 11.  The Blast Blender plays several of the bands involved, including Disciple, Spoken, Random Hero, Seventh Day Slumber, Danger Scene,  and Forsaken Hero.

This free festival is located at the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization’s “Healing Fields”
8.5 miles east of Kokomo, Indiana on State Road 26.

There is an online concert tonight from Remedy Drive’s David Zach.   Details from the band:

8pm CST tonight I’ll be on my piano at our house.  Tune in and send some requests my way.  Chrystal Sea, Hope, Daylight and Throne have been the most requested songs in these uncertain times.

You can log in now to FB and get a reminder at this link:


Working on new songs during this time in exile.  Excited to share new music this year!

Random Hero releases the music video for their song “Outgrown”, which spent half a year on The Blast Blender current hits chart in 2019-2020:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95ZEy_EMyhc




KJ52 says…


Just wanted to let you know that I will be doing a free online concert this Friday April 17th @ 7pm (EST) with my good friends @ crossover church (www.crossoverchurch.org) on the crossover FB page  click here to RSVP or here on youtube click here to watch

You can also search Crossover813 on FB or Youtube to bring it up.

What was Remedy Drive’s David Zach doing at the U.S Capitol this week?  He was speaking to over 200 members of Congress about human trafficking and the band’s fight against it, in partnership with Safe House Project.

“We were honored to have David join Safe House Project at the Capitol and visiting offices of more than 200 members of Congress as we activated cultural leaders, corporations and communities to unite against child sex trafficking in America,”  said Safe House Project CEO Kristi Wells. “David is the embodiment of ‘freedom requires action,’ and we value his deep understanding of this issue that has been learned in the trenches in the fight for freedom. In his undercover work he has seen the horrors of trafficking and uses his art to impact culture and affect change. We have already seen national impact from this event. David was part of a spark that has ignited a wildfire to once again burn the flame for freedom in our country.”

Blender band The Ruins…which we played before they were signed…recently inked a record deal with Dream Records.   We added their song Deliverance “right out of the box”.   Here is the music video for this song: