Blastipedia is an online encylopedia of Blast terminology. This is a "living, breathing document". You, Blast listener, can submit additions for possible inclusion at any time. If you give us an idea we implement, we'll send you a free Blast car sticker! Send it in on the Blastback page or call one of our Blast phone numbers found on our Blastback page. 

Blastology: This currently has no definition.  But it sounds cool!

BOL: Similar to LOL, we bring you BOL or Blast Out Loud.

Blastback: this is where listeners submit feedback about TheBlast.FM. tells you how to call us and how to write to us.

Blasted: the art, and/or science of having your audio psycho-neuron pleasure sensors infiltrated by TheBlast.FM. To the casual observer, it's simply listening to TheBlast.FM.

Blastified: A deeper experience than getting Blasted. A person who is Blastified is thoroughly hooked on The Blast. They can't get enough. Extensive periods of uncontrollable euphoria are experienced when listening to The Blast in this state. Not to confuse you or anything, but it is possible to get Blasted while you are already Blastified. Just so we're clear.

Blastification: The process of getting Blastified.

InitiaBlastiation: The process of being introduced to The Blast. Usually results in wide-eyed wonder and questions such as "What IS this?" And "Why can't I get this on FM in my area?"

Blasty: Someone who is Blasty is a satisfied Blaster. There is no need to go anywhere else. Alternate meanings: a song that really fits The Blast is Blasty. Someone who is in the mood to get Blasted is feeling Blasty. Someone who is wearing Blast Wear or has a Blast car sticker on their car looks Blasty.

BlastTee: These are Blast T-shirts. They are for sale in the Blastification Shop.

Blastification Shop: This is The Blast's store. Inside, we have BlastTees, Blast car stickers, and Blast Cards.

Blast Cards: These are glossy, promotional, pocket sizel Blast flyers you can hand out to spread the word about The Blast. There is a nominal fee (to offset printing costs) for them in the Blastification Shop. They are free to pastors and youth pastors and to anyone else who can give us a really Blastabulous excuse why we should send them to you gratis. Answers need not be in Spanish.

Blastabulous: Fabulous and Blasty.

Pastor Blaster: True story: there is a pastor of a young church in Sebastian, Florida who "listens to TheBlast.FM at top volume" while preparing for his sermons! For that, Seth deserves the nickname Pastor Blaster. Or should it be Blaster Pastor?

24/7 Blastin': When people hear TheBlast.FM's music at our festival booths for the first time, they often think we are a band, and liking our music, they ask…when do you guys play? To which we always say, "24/7, baby!"

Blastosaurus: He is our pet dinosaur and is one of our mascots. He is currently on sabbatical, eating really gross shrubbery somewhere in the Amazon. We haven't seen him in eons. If any of our many Brazilian listeners see him, please let us know.

Blastman: He is our other mascot. He also is missing in action. Last we heard he and a frozen billy goat took a rocket trip to the moon for a golf tournament against Space Ghost and some of his friends.

Blasting (aka Blastin'): Well, welcome to the "Things You Should Have Learned In School" Department. If you've read down this far and can't figure this definition out on your own, maybe you better start over. But, just for the record. Blasting means you're jammin' to The Blast.

Blast Bytes Of Truth is our own 1-minute ministry vignette. These are written and voiced by Jeff Marzolla, a pastor from Houston who is one of the early board directors of The Blast Ministries, which owns TheBlast.FM.

Blasting Out The Word: Gasp! We actually use Scripture on this Christian Radio station. And it is not just your feel-good verse of the day, either. BOTW airs hourly and lasts for 30 to 60 seconds.

Blastcasm: The Blast's use of sarcasm is unparalleled by any other source known to mankind. However, not true to our usual form, we're gonna rip off a great idea here: as one random shirt says, "Sarcasm is one of the many free services we offer." We've taken sarcasm to a new level so we've coined it Blastcasm, because there is such a gigantic chasm between those who try to be sarcastic…and those who are.

Blastvangelist: A person who eagerly spreads the word about The Blast everywhere they go! Use of Blast Cards, Blast posters, playing The Blast for people over your smart phone and loudly through your car via Bluetooth is highly encouraged, with the windows rolled down and a Blast car sticker on your car bumper or window.