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24-year old Tyler from Houston, Texas:  “I have been listening to Christian music for over 10 years now and this is the first station I have found that actually plays new music I haven’t heard yet. Thanks so much for keeping up with the latest music.I recently started a new position that allows me to work from home and I love blasting you all day.”
22-year old Darren from Ponoka, Alberta, Canada: “I’m so stoked that I found your station roughly a year ago. I listen to The Blast everyday to get me pumped. Keep the on Blasting the good Word!”
20-year old Eden from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: “I just recently discovered The Blast and I love it. You guys play all of my favourite music. I’ve had such a hard time finding a radio station i enjoy and this is perfect for me. Thanks for everything you guys do!”
23-year old Adam from Milliken, Colorado: “you guys rock! i listen to you when i clean, study, run or whatever! i am using your android app for my new mytouch 4G and so far it has worked very well for me! keep up the good work, we are all very blessed for all your hard work! God bless you guys!”
15-year old Zack from the Minneapolis suburb Buffalo, Minnesota says he has been listening to The Blast since he was 13.  He was close to committing suicide at the age of 13, but he relented because of the influence of TheBlast.FM.
18-year old Christina from Indian Trail, North Carolina: “Whenever my family went out when I was a kid, my father always left the radio on, and he always said, “We leave the music on for the angels.” Now that we listen to The Blast, I hope the angels like rock. :] ”
19-year old Julie from Etowah, Tennessee: “Music has always been a great struggle for me. I felt like it was the biggest way for me to express myself, and I didn’t want anyone to take that from me (no matter my walk of faith). Recently, however, I started listening to my local Christian radio station (which I love), but it didn’t exactly have my specific “style” of music. While in class a few weeks ago, I started surfing the different internet radio stations broadcasted through Windows Media Tuner. I happened upon TheBlast.FM, and I have to say, every few minutes I’m scribbling a new favorite song on my notepad! Some of the bands I’ve heard on here, such as Demon Hunter, have EXTREMELY replaced my favorite rock bands and other secular artists. Thank you so much for helping me break one of my biggest earthly ties!”
15-year old Dominic from Kiev, Ukraine: “I just found The Blast out a couple days ago. I LOVE IT! I’m going to share it with all of my friends.
15-year-old Kevin from Stockholm, Sweden says about The Blast “This music honestly rules. Some other metal stations play music with questionable messages, but here there’s only music with Christian values. Although I don’t call myself a Christian, my values are mostly Christian. I just wanted to thank you guys and to tell you to keep up the good work!” We have gone on to have email discussions with Kevin about what it means to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It was the first time he heard that God is a personal God.
A teenage boy named Scott from Hendersonville, North Carolina says “The Blast is freaking awesome. I don’t know how many friends I have told about you. Our youth group craves the music you play and our church has constantly stonewalled our efforts to have music my generation likes, but through you, we are able to praise God.”
Roy from South Charleston, West Virginia adds “I know that God is using The Blast to reach many people, encouraging believers and introducing Christ to those who have not yet heard and are doing so in a language that is specific to a group of people who otherwise may never hear the Word: a group of people who are shunned, ignored, and judged by local churches.” Roy says while they search for a church, he, his wife, and daughter are doing praise and worship with the music The Blast provides and getting their teaching from podcasted sermons.
Teenager Sarah T. from Tulsa, Oklahoma says “I love The Blast so much. I found out about it this morning and I have been listening to it all day. This is exactly what I needed, I love the choice of songs and it keeps me energized. I’m gonna tell all my friends about it. You ROCK!”
Wayne C. from Ft. Myers, Florida says “Finally a station that parallels the power of Christ. I’m tired of falling asleep with the other ‘believer’ music. I prefer to be alive…and awake. Never compromise Blast! I listen all day at work, then when I go home I crank it on my Mac.”
Paul from Minneapolis says “I have been listening to The Blast for about a month now and I really feel like God’s doing great work here… I love the music and I love the messages shared between the music. I want to see this ministry thrive and grow because I think there are a lot of people out there that need this.” Paul is one of our newest donors.
Teenage boy Drake from the northwest Minneapolis suburb Andover, Minnesota, says “Thank you for your radio station! It has shown me many positive yet awesome artists!!! Our local Christian radio station doesn’t play the genre that I am interested in and most popular artists with the music I like have lyrics with a bad message. I now have found some great artists with the perfect genre and lyrics! I hope to continue to see you prosper and Blast people with your music.”
28-year-old Jarrett, a U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot stationed in Seoul, South Korea, says “I have been looking for music like this for about 5 years. I really enjoy the hard hitting aggressive sound but seemed to be locked into secular music that was not able to feed me and minister to me like The Blast does. It is especially hard to find this kind of music when you are stationed overseas. You guys are definitely following your calling.”
15-year-old Jeremiah C. from a small town in northeast Georgia, USA, says: “I have been dealing with some deep depression lately, and listening to your music has really helped me get back in tune with God. Your station, coupled with few other things, actually prevented me from committing suicide two months ago. I know that I am likely one of many of such comments to be submitted to you, but I just want everyone else like me to know that you can come out of depression. I am still dealing with it, but I am getting better. Thank you for blasting me back to the Light.”
Sean M. of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada writes,
Hey, I wanted to commend you guys for really bringing it for the Lord. We stream The Blast over I-Tunes almost daily in our skate park for hours on end. Thank you for playing music that is not embarrassing for young Christians to love, while also allowing non-believers to relate and enjoy it as well… that can’t be easy. You are really in touch with the music that today’s youth prefer and enjoy. Ideally, we’d love to have you pumped on an FM channel in our area. With the style and method in which Christian music is represented in our area, there’s now wonder why people have a hard time relating to what they feel is ‘Christian’.” You are doing a great job as ambassadors for Christ, while realistically representing the young body.
Rick Y. of Thomasville, Georgia, USA, says:
“My life before Christ was one of drugs, pain, and no hope. In Christ, I’m drug free and overflowing with joy and hope. I wanted to encourage you and your ministry at The Blast. I love the format, the heavy music, and the willingness to go against the grain. Young people and young adults who wouldn’t give Christianity a second thought have a chance through music such as this. It’s relevant to their culture and times.”
James from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada writes:
“Because music these days is so deviant, I wasn’t ever able to listen to heavy music, or so I thought. Discovering TheBlast.FM has not only allowed me to listen to music I never dreamed would have powerful lyrics, but it has allowed me to get my friends to embrace the heavy music they want to embrace, while still staying committed to God.”
Justin T. of Johannesburg, South Africa says,
“As a new member of the faith, I am grateful to have found, at the Lord’s prompting, something so much better than the evil stuff I listened to before.”
Simon P., who does sound for a youth organization in Bunbury, Western Australia, writes; “The Blast has been on all day every day at home, and when I went to work, I turned off everyone from the national Australian secular alternative radio station called Triple J and turned them onto The Blast. You’ve sure been a blessing to us over here.”
Chris A. of Kingston, Ontario writes, “I think The Blast is a great tool in bringing the gospel in a new way to a generation that is sick of the church trying to do a new thing in an old way. Keep going!”
Wayne W. of Norman, Oklahoma writes, “TheBlast.FM has been one of the greatest blessings of my year! I listen just about every day and can’t thank you enough for playing positive, energizing, aggressive Christian bands who make it easy to get excited about Christian music–and hopefully lead more people of all ages to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. By demonstrating that “the heavy stuff” doesn’t have to be rife with negative, degrading and often blasphemous lyrics you and your staff have helped remove what has always been a major stumbling block for me and made it possible for me to enjoy the good stuff without worrying about the negative effects.
Michael writes in from Europe, where he listens in eastern France near the Swiss border. He says: “Your radio is cool, fun and very good! I love your good sound quality (128 kbps mp3 and AAC+). I hear TheBlast.FM in my office, all the day!!! I love your music! Always aggressive! Always progressive! TheBlast.FM, my favorite web radio.”
Princeton M., a college student in Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, Massachusetts, says He “simply cannot find a better internet or satellite radio station than The Blast. I am a Christian, so I cannot listen to most music because it would be displeasing to the Lord. Since I found your station, I’ve been able to glorify God while I listen to music. I can see a vast, international, virtual community surrounding The Blast! I know it will be big and that it will touch many lives.”
Markus A. of Germany wrote in to say that: “The music The Blast plays is exactly what he needs to feel like he is alive. He notes that post-Christian Europe is a much different world than America.
Oleg Stepanov writes in from Jurmala, Latvia: “Very rare is the time where you can find superb, inspiring music as well as short messages with power!”
Patrick from Houston, A United States Marine listening ‘in the desert somewhere” says TheBlast.FM is a great encouragement to his faith.
A member of the United States Navy, Nathan F, based in Norfolk, Virginia, says: “I really like TheBlast.FM. When I am home, I am almost always tuned in. It’s also a blessing to be able to listen to The Blast when my ship pulls into foreign ports.” Ferrin, a self-described computer geek, also says he will be able to listen to our 24kbps dialup stream out on the middle of the ocean.
Tiff, a teenager from Wichita, Kansas says: “I love your station! I listen to it every day when I do my homework or I just need some music to listen to… I love it because it’s the kind of music I want to listen to but without the bad lyrics and the bad messages. I can get a Christian message or just have fun listening to all the songs you play. Thank you for all you do.”
Bob from Billings, Montana says: “OUTSTANDING job you are doing. Keep up the good work, The Blast’s music is the best on the net BY FAR.”
Brent K. of Fremont, in the Bay Area of California says this about TheBlast.FM: “I am way impressed, you guys have such bleeding edge Christian rock that the razor blade is still warm. If only I could get you guys in my car, I’d be set. I think if I get a nice wearable computer and a Verizon net linkup, I can backpack The Blast around 24/7. Thanks for creating something so cool!”
Jon F. of Phoenix says he recently made the jump to us from a more established Christian rock radio station because “The Blast knows how to rock!”