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A Blast Of Christian Pop, Rock, Rap, EDM, and R & B: The Blast Blender!

Welcome to The Blast Blender!   
An aggressive Hot CHR/Top 40 station, mixing pure pop, screamless rock, rap/hip hop/R & B, and EDM/Electronic Dance Music!

If the music is not quite heavy enough for you and you can't live without some screamo, then go to www.TheBlast.FM, Always Agressive Always Progressive Christian Metal & Rock!

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The Blast Blender broadcasts at a variety of bit rates...as low as 20 kbps, so we can reach people in even the remotest areas that have slow internet connections.   Here is a list of ways to listen to us that are not otherwise listed on our home page.  This page will find a permanent home inside the "All Streams, All Media Players" button shortly. 



Press Play #LITO Reaches #1 Nationally

Press Play #1

Press Play's high energy dance-pop song #LITO has reached number one on the Christian Music Weekly's CHR (Pop) chart, and we find that refreshing, because, in our view, the Christian CHR charts have, for far too long, too closely resembled the Adult Contemporary (AC) chart.  The Blast Blender will have an impact on that CHR chart, as we will start reporting to it after our first week on the air.  That problem was so bad in the view of Billboard Magazine that they changed the name of their CHR chart to Hot AC, because in reality, that's what most of its reporters were.





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