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Welcome to The Blast Blender!   
Our short-term all-rhythmic experiment is over.  The Blast Blender has returned to its mainstream Hot CHR format:  pop-rock, rap/hip hop, and electronic dance music.   That's what we Blend!

If you like rock, alternative, and metal, then go to www.TheBlast.FM,

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Update: Flash And HTML5 Player Metadata (Working Now)

The Blast and The Blast Blender love to give you many options for streaming our stations, depending on your tastes, your available bandwidth, your devices, and your media players of choice.  Now on our site, our 128k mp3 stream is playable in an HTML5 player that works on all major desktop/laptop computer browsers AND it works on some mobile browsers, including Safari and Chrome on iPhone and iPad; and Firefox and Chrome on Android.  The flash players and HTML5 players on our site have full metadata support, lyrics (when available), links to artist information and videos.   The HTML5 player for the 80k Ogg Vorbis stream also works on Firefox and Chrome (desktop)  (and mobile for Android phones and Android tablets). Firefox is recommended for Android if you want to use the Ogg Vorbis stream.  The Ogg Vorbis codec is not supported by Internet Explorer or Safari. 


How To Listen To The Blender On Quicktime, Real Player, Etc. On A Plethora Of Streams

The Blast Blender broadcasts at a variety of bit rates...as low as 20 kbps, so we can reach people in even the remotest areas that have slow internet connections.   Here is a list of ways to listen to us that are not otherwise listed on our home page.  This page will find a permanent home inside the "All Streams, All Media Players" button shortly. 



The Blast And Blender 2015 Streaming Survey

Blasters and Blenderheads…help us understand how, where, and when you listen to The Blast and/or The Blast Blender so we can serve you better.  Take this 10 question 2015 Blast and Blender Streaming Survey:



Lots of Blender Stream Choices: Dead Air On One Does Not Mean Dead Air On All

Sometimes internet routing weirdness happens in various parts of the USA (where most of our streams are hosted) that is way beyond our control. 

If The Blast Blender stream you are on goes down, try the next one down the chain. 

Our streams are hosted in various locations.  For example, the 320kbps stream is hosted in Salt Lake City; the 160k stream (found on our "All Streams" page and our "Mobile Blending" page) is hosted in Chicago, the 128k stream in Ashburn, Virginia.  On March 20th, 2015, for example, in the morning, first there was some internet weirdness in the western USA that affected our Salt Lake City stream; while our other streams were fine.   The SLC stream routing cleared up, and then there was bad internet congestion a few minutes later affecting east coast USA traffic…impacting our Ashburn stream. 

So…if one stream goes down, hit the next button down the chain in our app or on our website and most likely, it will work. 





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